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AeroEm 移動式抽風櫃

AeroEm 移動式抽風櫃

AKKURAT Balance Enclosure 安全秤量桌
Waldner secuflow EN7


  • 可以在需要時連接功能模組(例如: 服務翼)使用。
  • 可從四面八方無限制地看到抽風櫃
  • 內部工作區的服務網點
  • 服務組件位於抽風櫃內部,控制單元位於水平的服務抽風櫃側面服務面板


Width [mm] 1050
Depth [mm] 815
Height [mm] 1975
Working height [mm] 900
Height, castors [mm] 120

Weight[Kg] 180

Design characteristics
Sash Two-piece, moves up and down with 2 horizontal sashes each
Glass pane in the side wall All 4 sides of the fume cupboard
Lighting Dazzle-free, can be switched from the outside
Roller shutter guiding For pipes and cables on the left and right side of the fume cupboard

Electrics supply 2 sockets in the internal workspace, can be switched individually from the outside
Total power of sockets [W] 1000
Connection voltage [V AC] 230
Voltage of waste water lifting unit [V] 230
Power of lighting [W] 52
Length, electrical connection cable [mm] 2500

Sanitary technology
Water connection Optional
Waste water connection Waste water quick release outlet as an option
Gas connection Optional
Water fitting (tap) Cold water WPC or WNC (EN) as an option, with drip cup, can be operated from the outside
Gas outlet Optional

Ventilation technology
Minimum air exchange rate [m³/h] 1) 300
Air-supply assistance fan Can be switched on the FAZ
Function display FAZ
2 extract air spigots Ø [mm] 90
Length of extract air duct [mm] 2500

Worktop Stoneware-composite worktop with raised Polypropylene edge


  • (1)有排風量指標均為面窗開啟500mm高度時(根據EN14175)測試的資料,跟蹤氣體最大值為德國標準(BG RCI )推薦的數值。


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AeroEm 移動式抽風櫃

AeroEm 移動式抽風櫃