Aseptic Technologies develops, patents, manufactures and markets equipment that guarantee optimal aseptic assurance and complies with last regulatory requirements, while simplifying the validation and operation processes in the safest way. It specializes in the concept of the Closed Vial Technology which consists in: Stoppered vials supplied clean and sterile; Filling lines able to handle the closed vials.

Aseptic Technologies

EBAC specializes in cryogenic technologies related to ultra-low temperature freezers, blood transport bags and medical refrigerator. The company obtains ISO 9001:2008, 13485:2003 ENISO 13485:2012 certification and WHO certification for Low-temperature transport vessels.

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Flownamics® provides innovative process monitoring and control solutions to the biotechnology industry for improving laboratory, pilot and manufacturing bioprocess performance. Through our on-line sampling technologies, which include the Seg-Flow® automated on-line sampling and feed control system and the industry standard FISP® in-situ sampling probe, we offer a wide range of on-line process analytical capabilities for increasing process understanding and improving process monitoring and control.


LGC provides a range of measurement products and services which underpin the safety, health and security of the public, including genotyping and proficiency testing, genomics reagents and instrumentation, and expert sample analysis and interpretation. LGC serves customers across a number of end markets including Pharmaceuticals, Agricultural Biotechnology, Diagnostics, Food, Environment, Government and Academia.

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各式磅秤、防爆高精度磅秤、工業磅秤、電子磅秤、棧板秤、荷重元(Load Cell)、金屬檢測儀、動態檢重儀
Minebea Intec is a part of the Minebea Group and offers a comprehensive portfolio of products across the manufacturing process of its customers, from goods-in to goods-out, from platform scales to process vessel and silo scales to checkweighers and foreign body detection equipment. Our strong R&D capabilities, including software development, have resulted in a technological market leading position in several product segments.

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Repligen, a bioprocessing company, focused on products used in the process of manufacturing biological drugs. It manufactures and sells OPUS pre-packed chromatography columns, protein A affinity ligands, a critical component of protein A media that is used to separate and purify monoclonal antibody therapeutics. We also supply several growth factor products and alternating tangential flow system used to increase cell culture productivity in biomanufacturing.


Skan is one of the leading companies for clean room equipment, isolation technology, RABS for sterile / aseptic, toxic and high active product applications, for liquid and solid forms, for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Innovative products, customized solutions from pre-engineering till calibration, qualification and validation coupled with a powerful service network has established Skan AG as a worldwide market leader.

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Steridose is specialized in the design and manufacturing of aseptic process equipment. Our magnetically driven mixer, STERIMIXER® eliminates risk of contamination. Its patented design assures top mixing and CIP/SIP performance and low level mixing. Our diaphragm valve, STERIVALVE®, features a zero dead leg design and is available as a tank outlet or process valve. All our components are supplied with all relevant documentation for validation.

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ViscoTec primarily deals with systems required for conveying, dosing, applying, filling and emptying medium to high-viscosity fluids. Next to technically sophisticated solutions to even the most complicated application, ViscoTec is the single point of contact to deliver all components for a complete system: from emptying to preparing and to dosing. All fluids showing a viscosity of up to 7.000.000 mPas can be conveyed and dosed almost pulsation-free and with extremely low shear.

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WALDNER have developed and produced laboratory furniture for all applications. Our laboratory furniture system SCALA is based on a modular principle and combines the latest findings on ergonomics and ecology with safety in the laboratory. With our laboratory furniture SCALA we are providing an innovative, fully developed technology: be it with our laboratory workbenches, our laboratory cabinets, the service modules – first and foremost our service ceiling – or our laboratory fume cupboards.