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AKKURAT Balance Enclosure 安全秤量桌

AKKURAT Balance Enclosure 安全秤量桌

AKKURAT Balance Enclosure 安全秤量桌
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  • 櫃體本身符合人體工學和集中功能的設計符合最高質量和安全標準 - 2016年德國設計大獎。
  • 櫃體本身符合人體工學和集中功能的設計符合最高質量和安全標準 - 2016年德國設計大獎。
  • 減震工作台,並能使用於高精度的微量平秤高達0,000001克。
  • 前台邊緣的擾流板翼片設計,防止空氣從內部回流,並可作扶手來防止工作檯面的振動。
  • 背板式空氣吸入口&特殊流動技術設計:均勻將有害物質由背板吸入捕捉汙染源,以防止危險物質釋放,最大限度地保護操作人員。
  • 職業暴露濃度小於10 µg / m³以及防護效果達1 ng/ m³,並有GS安全標誌,安全等級高。
  • 智能控制面板& LED省電變色燈條: 作業時指尖簡易操作並可調整色調燈光。
  • 前屏罩可開啟便於放置天秤等儀器,並能輕碰後緩慢關閉。
  • 內建cable孔: 可集中收納電線,減少空間雜亂,亦可連接外插座,空間內盡可能減少用電危險因素。
  • 桌面配置處理口,便於直接在內部工作空間處理掉廢棄物。
  • 去靜電技術(選配) :避免靜電所產生摩擦火花等,降低任何影響量測的可能。亦可防止灰塵狀物質粘附在內部工作空間中的表面,降低這些物質附著於實驗室人員衣服上傳播的風險。(工作台前緣的空氣通過電離電極,然後電離空氣流過內部工作空間表面,從而將其排出)。
  • 過濾器殼體,振動分離及風扇位置設計可以確保最大腿部空間。


Dimensions 1200 1500
Width [mm] 1200 1500
Depth [mm] 650
Height [mm] 1450
Clear width, internal space [mm] 1150 1450
Effective depth of internal space [mm] 575
Clear internal height of internal space [mm] 530
Working height [mm] 900

Weight 1200 1500
Supporting construction Steel support frame, fully welded with height-adjustable feet
Desktop Technical ceramic with raised edge on all sides
Upper part Fully plexiglass upper part
Upwardly-hinged front screen
LED lighting integrated into the hinge for the front screen
Rear wall with integral exhaust system and 2 cable through-puts
Rear wall Double-walled, PP white, UV-resistant
Ventilation Fan in separate housing with frequency converter for continuously variable speed control
Filter HEPA H14 particle filter as per DIN EN 1822
contamination-free filter change using the bag exchange method

Working substances Powdered or dusty substances (e.g active ingredients for drug production)
Equipment Laboratory balances from all popular manufacturers

Ventilation technology 1200 1500
Extract air monitoring Air volume measurement using the measuring equipment of the fume cupboard function display
Face velocity 0,2 m/s (+/-10%) at 140 m³/h
optional 0,3 m/s
0,2 m/s (+/-10%) at 180 m³/hoptional 0,3 m/s
Noise level 54 dB
Standard filtering Camfil: HEPA / ULPA filter H14 according to DIN EN 1822
Voltage 230 V
Power consumption 250 V
Ventilation connection Ø [mm] 160
Air exchange rate [m³/h] 140
Pressure loss [PA] 80

Ionisation The separately switched ionising system, which is fully integrated in the balance enclosure, neutralises the non-conductive surfaces in the interior workspace of the balance enclosure and diverts electrostatic charges from the samples. The capacitively working high-voltage electrodes in the inflow area of the front opening are designed to be touch-safe.


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AKKURAT Balance Enclosure 安全秤量桌

AKKURAT Balance Enclosure 安全秤量桌