Miras<sup>®</sup> 多功能/防水磅秤產品圖
Miras® 多功能/防水磅秤

Bench and platform scale series in 3 platform sizes with an array of features to meet the majority of user requirements in industrial sectors. Readability 0.5 g to 20 g. Weighing capac. from 6 kg to 300 kg.

代碼: MINEBEA_C_S_Miras
Signum<sup>®</sup> 高精度 / 防爆實驗室型磅秤產品圖
Signum® 高精度 / 防爆實驗室型磅秤

Industrial scales for sophisticated weighing tasks, extremely rugged and resistant. For Ex-zones 2 and 22. IP65 protected.Readability 0.001 g to 20 g. Weighing capacity 0.6 kg to 65 kg.

代碼: MINEBEA_C_S_Signum
Combics 高精度平板秤產品圖
Combics 高精度平板秤

Modular system of Weighing platforms for sophisticated weighing tasks.Resolution 3,000 e or 2 x 3,000 e, accuracy class III, verified for legal metrology; 15,000 d or 30,000 d for non-verified versions.Weighing range 3 up to 3,000 kg.

代碼: MINEBEA_W_P_Combics

Modular floor scale system with IP protection rate IP65 or IP68.Resolution: 1 x 3,000 e or 2 x 3,000 e (verified for legal metrology), 15,000 d or 30,000 d for non-verified versions.Weighing range: 150 up to 3000 kg


Digital high-resolution weighing plattforms with IP protection rate IP54.Resolution: 1 x 3,000 e or 2 x 3,000 e (verified for legal metrology;) 15,000 d or 30,000 d for non-verified versionsWeighing range: 0.62 up to 300 kg

Midrics 工業型平板秤產品圖
Midrics 工業型平板秤

Midrics weighing platforms: 13 sizes, approved for Ex-zones 2 and 22. Resolution: 3,000 e or 2 x 3,000 e (verifiable), 15,000 d (not for legal metrology). Weighing range: 3 to 300. IP protection IP67/IP68 (stainless steel) or IP65 (painted).

代碼: MINEBEA_W_P_Midrics
IU Pallet Scales拖盤秤產品圖
IU Pallet Scales拖盤秤

Pallet scales in various designs with IP protection rate IP68 (stainless steel) or IP65 (galvanized)Resolution: 1x3,000 e or 2x3,000 e (verified for legal metrology;) 15,000 d or 30,000 d for non-verified versions Weighing range: 300 up to 3,000 kg

Contego Weighing Module產品圖
Contego Weighing Module

More hygiene for your process vessel weighing. The innovative weighing module is the solution for hygienic applications - designed by EHEDG guidelines.

代碼: MINEBEA_LC_Contego
Dylight 包裝產品X-ray檢測機產品圖
Dylight 包裝產品X-ray檢測機

The X-ray inspection system Dylight guarantees extremely high levels of safety for your packaged food. This true ‘Plug and Play’ solution combines all functions in one compact unit.

代碼: X-ray_Dylight
Dymond 包裝產品X-ray檢測機產品圖
Dymond 包裝產品X-ray檢測機

The Dymond Series of X-ray inspection systems is extremely versatile. Featuring 4 models it is able to cover the majority of applications for inspecting packaged products. With belt widths up to 800 mm it is ideal for multi-lane......

代碼: X-ray_Dymond
Dyxim-FB 包裝產品X-ray檢測機產品圖
Dyxim-FB 包裝產品X-ray檢測機

When increasing product size and material density, high energy systems are required to ensure a reliable detection of foreign bodies. This is what the Dyxim FB series offers.

代碼: X-ray_Dyxim-FB
Dymond S 瓶罐類品X-ray檢測機產品圖
Dymond S 瓶罐類品X-ray檢測機

The Dymond S combines high detection sensitivity with low power consumption. The unit is optionally available with a so-called chicane belt. Ideal for those situations where only very limited space is available.

代碼: X-ray_Dymond-S
Dyxim D 瓶罐類品X-ray檢測機產品圖
Dyxim D 瓶罐類品X-ray檢測機

he Dyxim D is a dual beam X-ray inspection system that produces two X-ray images at a 90° angle. This improves the ability to detect contamination in plastic and glass containers, jars and bottles particularly in comparison to single beam systems.

代碼: X-ray_Dyxim-D
Dyxim S 瓶罐類品X-ray檢測機產品圖
Dyxim S 瓶罐類品X-ray檢測機

The Dyxim S is a high power system for reliably inspecting tall containers at very high speeds.

代碼: X-ray_Dyxim-S
Dymond Bulk 散裝物料X-ray檢測機產品圖
Dymond Bulk 散裝物料X-ray檢測機

Dymond Bulk guarantees precise X-ray inspection of bulk materials in the food industry. Foreign bodies such as stones or metal are consistently detected and removed from the material flow to protect both products and machines.

代碼: X-ray_Dymond-Bulk

ViscoTec offers customers reliable, exact and automatic dosing from a few microlitres to around 1 litre per second, depending on the medium. With ViscoTec dispensers you can achieve perfect administration and application.


The dosing technology of ViscoTec dispensers is based on the endless piston dosing principle. The special geometry allows for an endless, pulsation-free dosing flow with absolute volumetric control in either dot or bead applications.

純蒸汽產生機 - Pure steam generators產品圖
純蒸汽產生機 - Pure steam generators

Elettracqua pure steam units are designed for the production of sterile, pyrogen free pure steam for pharmaceutical applications. It consists of two main components, an evaporator and a vapor-liquid disengaging section, combined as one......

代碼: EQ_PSG
超過濾水系統 - Ultrafiltration產品圖
超過濾水系統 - Ultrafiltration

Ultrafiltration is a process used for the removal of organics, bacteria, viruses and pyrogens from the water. There are different kind of Ultrafiltration membranes with different Membrane cut off (from 10,000 to 80,000 Dalton)......

AeroEm 移動式抽風櫃產品圖
AeroEm 移動式抽風櫃

AeroEm 移動式抽風櫃

代碼: AeroEm
AKKURAT Balance Enclosure 安全秤量桌產品圖
AKKURAT Balance Enclosure 安全秤量桌

AKKURAT Balance Enclosure 安全秤量桌

EN7 抽風櫃產品圖
EN7 抽風櫃

EN7 抽風櫃-高熱負荷且需酸消化的實驗
EN7 抽風櫃-使用高氯酸
EN7 抽風櫃-使用氫氟酸

代碼: EN7-1
Radio-isotope 放射性同位素抽風櫃產品圖
Radio-isotope 放射性同位素抽風櫃

Radio-isotope 放射性同位素抽風櫃

代碼: EN7-2
Filter 過濾型抽氣櫃產品圖
Filter 過濾型抽氣櫃

Radio-isotope 放射性同位素抽風櫃

代碼: EN7-3